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The Atheists Society
of Knoxville (ASK)

ASK’s mission is to supply a venue for community, camaraderie, conversation, and outreach to Rationalists and Atheists in the Knoxville area.

Come enjoy good food and cold beer with your new Atheist and Freethinking friends! If you’re interested in Joining ASK, click the link below!

Knoxville Atheists

Who we are

Atheists are people who don't believe that god(s) exist.  Atheists are found the world over. In some countries, the majority of the populations are Atheists/Secularists. China, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Japan and many European countries are primarily atheistic; and globally atheists make up about 45% of all mankind, and growing..

Pic of a typical atheists meetup

Our Weekly MeetUp

Join us for this week’s Happy Hour Meetup at The Downtown Grill & Brewery on Knoxville’s Gay Street. We meet every Tuesday Night @ 5:30 pm. Enjoy Beer specials and excellent Pizzas, cal-zones and sandwiches with your favorite heathens!

We usually have between 25 and 35 people! Look for the silver-jacketed copy of the God Delusion standing upright on the table!

All are welcome! But if you plan to preach, proselytize, provoke or punch, please don’t!

Freethought Forum TV Show on Community TV

Our weekly TV and Radio Shows

The Freethought Forum TV Show is a joint production of The Atheists Society of Knoxville (ASK) and The Rationalists of East Tennessee (RET)
Tuesdays 5:00 -6:00 PM
Live streaming at:
Comcast Ch. 12 or Charter Ch. 193
You can find old episodes on YouTube by Searching for “Freethought Forum Knoxville

There is now a :"Digital Freethought Radio Show". Listen Sundays @ 6:00 pm on 103.9 FM. It’s Low Power so you may have listen on-line at @